Sunday, April 28, 2013

Delay On Apple iPhone 5S

Well, the News is that Apple is Delaying its next iPhone Launch until fall, there are many speculations as to why. I will go back to a Youtube Video that I did talking about Fingerprint Technology, Video here (Watch)

Now the rumors are that Apple has delayed because of a Ground Breaking Feature that is being added to the iPhone, Now this Feature I believe to be FingerPrint Technology which will add more security to your phone. Not only will there be this New Finger print Tech but also it is Rumored to have NFC as well, We may find out what is instore for the Next iPhone On June 10-14 which is Apples WWDC or WorldWide Developer Conference .

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Amazon Set Top Box?

There Has been news floating around the internet that Amazon, is Actually thinking of building a set top box, It will stream internet videos right to your TV's. It is reported to be coming this Fall.

If this Rumor is True then Amazon will be reaching a whole new customer base, This will sure help out Amazon's Instant Streaming Service. But now they Have to Compete with Roku and Apple TV set top boxes, will this be a good move for Amazon ?

I think so Amazon will add to the list there own Internet Streaming Box and have there own Instant Video Streaming service. Amazon will do good with adding this to there huge list of Products and Services.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Future of Restaurants

My Ideas on Future Restaurants 

Well I believe Future Restaurants will Incorporate Much More Technology, Most of which we already have, Example Tablets Can be very useful with Taking order and sending them directly to the Kitchen where there is a table of there own showing all the tables, orders, etc.

Now here is something to consider CES 2013 we seen a New Type of Tablet that is big as a Table now this Tablet would be perfect for The front of house. This Tablet would basically have a Map of the whole dining room Layout, Have all the Tables and the seats that are taken, Showing the Table Numbers, and also when the waitress hovers over the table she will see there orders, who's order is completed and who's isn't etc. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Comcast Upgrades Speeds for Xfinity internet

So Comcast has announced, for those of you that are subscribed to Comcast's Performance Xfinity, they will be upgrading their broadband speeds. 

Now I have to ask myself: does this have anything to do with Google Fiber? It's been said that the big name ISPs (or Internet Service Providers) will need to provide faster speeds to compete with the threat of Google fiber, so this upgrade could be directly caused by Google's fiber option.

The good news for Xfinity users is that this upgrade will come at no extra cost. Download speeds will be upgraded from 15Mbps to 25Mbps and the Upload Speeds will be boosted from 2Mbps to 5Mbps.

So let's see who is next to upgrade their speeds! 
Happy downloading, eh!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

How Long Does Apple Keep Your Siri Data?

You may want to think twice about what you say to Siri, like all of that swearing, or asking it personal questions. A recent report from Wired questioned Apple's privacy policies, and surprisingly, Apple responded, although that probably created more cause for concern than anything else.

Apple now claims that they keep your Siri data for at least two years, although they say that they will disassociate you from your data after six months. This may sound a little scary, which is understandable. I wonder how many people reading this are thinking "I really wish I didn't say that to Siri..." 

When you talk to Siri, you are assigned a random number, not your UDID or Apple ID, that Apple's servers and Siri will use to identify you. This number is tagged in the files that are sent to Apple's servers as well when you speak to it. When disassociated from that file, that means that random number is removed from the file, allegedly leaving no way to identify where the file came from.

American Civi Liberties Union lawyer Nicole Ozer warned people that they should be careful with what they say to Siri, which the way things are looking right now, makes a lot of sense.

Transcripts "of what you say to Siri could reveal sensitive things about you, your family, or business...Siri works for Apple, so make a note to yourself to really think before you speak," Ozer said.

It really is quite interesting that Apple is keeping this data for such a long time. Something like this may really discourage some people from even using Siri. One problem I do have with all of this is the fact that Apple wasn't up front about this from day one. People deserve to know what is being done with their information. How could Apple clear this up? Displaying a message saying something along those lines when the user attempts to enable Siri. This way users wouldn't be left out of the loop like they have been ever since Siri came out on the iPhone 4S, which has since made its way onto many other Apple devices. 

Apple needs to be honest with its consumers, instead of trying to hide facts like this until they've been doing it for a while. 

So, with all of this coming out, you may want to refrain from asking Siri anything personal...hard to say what Apple could really be doing with that information.

Cool App of the Week

This Weeks Cool App of the Week is another Fun Game Called Candy Crush

Basically I see it geared toward kids, but also adults can play as well, Its another game similar to Bejeweled.

It has 305 Levels each harder then the next, The first Levels are very easy they get more advanced the farther along you get. It is a great game for your kids to play to keep them occupied while you get your errands done. 

It's available for free iOS, Android and available on 


Get ready for some fairytale magic with the airy Candy Clouds!
Candy dinosaurs..? Travel back in time with our  Jelly Jungle!
Download for Android

Download for iOS

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Google Glass Specs

So Now that Google Glass is becoming widely talked about and Disliked I decided to let you know the full Specs of it and talk a little bit about what i think of the Specs.

This Little known Gadget will sport a 5 MP Camera, Also Capable of Recording 720p Videos !
It will Have a Image equivalent to a 25 inch HD display from 8 feet away, pretty nice right?
The Storage will be 12 GB of memory ! When synced with Google Cloud you will get 16 GB Total.
It also has Nose pads that are adjustable and a strong frame that fits any face!
Audio Will be a Bone Conduction Transducer and have Bluetooth or Wifi Connectivity.

The one thing that needs improvement is the Battery!
It's said to be capable of one full day of "Regular use" But when doing Video recordings then the Battery is drained faster. Which Stinks, Because I would get Google Glass for the ability to do Hangouts,Skype calls etc. But if its going to drain the Battery to where I only get say 4-5 hours of use. Then I don't see it being on my To get List, not until they improve the battery.

Would you see yourself sporting this one day? And what do you think of the battery? Should it be improved or would one day of casual use be good for you. Let Me know in the Comment section Bellow.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review of the Sun Web App

Sun is a web app for iOS. It came out a few months back, but the original version used a different weather API that wasn't free, so the developer had to find a free alternative. I don’t know when the developer found an alternative since the update doesn’t affect the original Sun web app. For some reason, that one does not update, so you will have to go back to the Sun website, and once again add it to your homescreen.

Once you have that dealt with, once you open it, if you have any experience with any older version of Sun, the you’ll notice that the interface has been tweaked a little bit. The idea is the same, but there have been some minor changes that make the experience that much better. Oh, and this new version actually has the capability to update itself when it runs.

The Sun web app does one thing that I really like. Its a feature that you can add to the default Weather app in iOS, but only with a jailbreak, so its nice to see that you can actually do this without a jailbreak, on a totally stock iOS device. The icon for Sun on your homescreen is constantly changing when you launch it. The icon actually displays the current temperature outside, so if it is -45 C outside, it should say that on the icon, which is actually pretty convenient if you want to quickly know the temperature, although it does have a little bit of a drawback, that being the fact that you need to launch the web app to update the temperature on the icon.

By default when you install the web app, it will have a few locations in it by default for weather. First off, it will use your location to determine where you are, in my case, Edmonton. Then it has three other preset locations, which you can change if you want. Those locations are:
  • Copenhagen
  • Vienna
  • Hong Kong
As I said, you can change those if you wish, although I just don’t bother with it, since I really don’t care what the weather is like elsewhere in the world, except where I live.

If you tap on the screen when you are in the app, you will enter another interface for more detailed weather information. You get an 11 day forecast, and graph that shows weather trends for quite a few days.

If you tap the button in the top right, you get into the settings which allow you to customize the other preset locations, temperature units (celsius, and Fahrenheit,) basically it gives you the option to switch the units from Metric to Imperial.

In terms of the interface of Sun, it is very simple to use, which is something that I expect out of something like this. I’ve said this many times before, but if a weather app is confusing and complicated to use, no one in their right mind is going to want to use it. People want and need quick access to weather information, and they should be able to get that through a weather app, or in this case, a web app with ease.

Sun is a web app, and it is able to do everything I would expect it to do. And it is able to do it in a very simple, clean way. I am very impressed with this weather app. It is very simple though, so if you want to get some more complicated information, this web app may not work for you, but if all you're looking for is more simple information, than Sun will work well.

To install Sun, head over to: and add it to your home screen.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Apple Rumors

Well here is a brief article about Apple and their next Devices. Remember, though, that while these are good rumors they're still just that: rumors.

First Rumor: Is iPhone 5S May have 3 colors! Whoa seriously? This would be Awesome, no more black and white. Would You want a iPhone that is unique? I would, so which color would you want on your iPhone?
Maybe a light blue, red, or even neon green!

Second Rumor: The Apple iPad 5 will have the A6X processor, meaning that they won't be upgrading. Why? Well it's been said that the A7 Processor will be in development during the first half of 2014. Don't get me wrong the A6X is a great processor, maybe even overkill, but for a new device I would like all things new...including internal hardware, I guess the A6X will have to do.

Third Rumor: That Samsung Won't be a part of the new iPad 5. I wonder why; maybe it has something to do with a big room with a lot of yelling and a judge?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Office for iOS?

A few months ago I wrote an article and recorded a video about Microsoft Office coming out for iOS. Now that I have a laptop running Windows 8 I was able to get Office 2010. Recently there was an announcement saying that the iOS version will be pushed back until late 2014.

Since I've used Office 2010 I noticed a lot of new things added, which got me wondering what will it be like on a iPhone. I mean would you really want it for your iPhone? I could see on a tablet but I doubt many people will be using it on their iPhone unless they get bigger screens.

 I enjoy Office 2010 but wouldn't be persuaded to get it for iOS unless, like I said iPhone screens get larger...but maybe that's why they're pushing things back to they can design the system to be used with smaller screens with ease.

So what do you think? Will Office for iOS be a popular app for iPhones?  Do you believe (as I do) that it won't do as good as expected?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Going "Unplugged"

Living on the net is a wonderful thing, but once and a while we all need to “unplug” for some time offline. I know that for me personally spending time on the internet is both a rewarding and draining experience, and it’s nice to step away from all of that every once and a while and live without the wire. There is a problem though: how do you unplug yourself in the current world? With all of the devices we carry with us on a daily basis fighting for our attention, flashing notifications, sounding tones, and vibrating nonstop, how does a person simply step backwards out of the electric pollution to clear their head? Here’s how I do it.

The most important thing to me is understanding the purpose of each of my devices. My laptop is for work, my phone is for communication, and my tablet is for entertainment. It’s important to me that I don’t blur those boundaries and therefore keep all of the notifications on my tablet off. As an entertainment device I really have no interest in it alerting me to new e-mails, or letting me know that the other FTI guys are having a Hangout over on Google+. Normally when I’m using my tablet I’m lying in bed closing out the day and none of those things matter to me anyway – so why have them bother me?

That leads into my next tip: I have my phone set to automatically go into silent mode at a certain point each night (usually around 10:30 but if I work till midnight it’s set to 12:15). Some people choose to turn their phone off at night, but I don’t want to completely lose the ability to communicate that my phone provides. By turning it on to silent mode it stops grabbing for my attention for every little email, text, call, and tweet, and instead allows me to control when I access that communication. I found that once I started turning the phone silent it was much easier to relax at night; I could sit back and relax, read, game, or do whatever else I wanted to do without feeling like I had to grab at my phone every time it made a beep. After a couple days my mind stopped actively listening for the beeps too, cutting down on those “did my phone just go off?” moments and helping me to relax even more.

By combining these techniques I’ve been able to stay connected to people during the right time, remain connected in the event of emergencies, and still find time to unplug and relax when it’s that time. What techniques do you have to relax a little during your day? Do you ever find yourself wanting to be “unplugged”? Let me know in the comments, hit me up on Twitter @CallChrisNow, or e-mail me at and let me know. I’m always looking for useful tips and tricks.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Always On DRM?

We all know that Microsoft is getting ready to unveil some more information about their next entry into the world of gaming very soon. The next Xbox, which carries the codename “Durango” is going to be coming down the pipes within the next few months, so naturally the press conferences will be popping up shortly. There has been a lot of drama lately about the potential that the next console would require an “always-on” internet connection in order to play games, and what the consequences might be for Microsoft for launching such a console – personally I’ve got my own opinions on the matter, here’s what I think.

The biggest issue here, isn’t the concept of some sort of “always-on” DRM itself – that sort of thing is becoming the norm in the world of PC gaming already, and as long as piracy continues to grow we’re going to begin seeing more and more techniques not unlike this one designed to prevent pirates from gaining illicit access to games. The biggest problem here is the simple fact that an Xbox is not a computer in the traditional sense. On a PC it’s a little bit safer to assume that the user is going to have access to the internet available – and the ones that don’t simply won’t buy the game – those people have a computer for other reasons as it is, whether that’s work or school, or whatever. When we’re talking about a new video game console the situation becomes a little different. We can’t make the assumption that just because somebody is interested in a video game console, that they have an internet connection at home – and if they’re not gaming on their console, it’s probably not doing much else.

The biggest issue here might not even be the concept of Microsoft requiring an internet connection in order to use the console – it might be Sony NOT requiring an internet connection to use the console. We all know the Wii U from Nintendo doesn’t have this requirement, and we have heard rumblings from the Sony camp that suggest they have been swayed from the concept of using some sort of technologically prohibitive DRM in their next console, the PlayStation 4. If Microsoft does decide to make the jump into this world of always-on connectivity they’re going to be giving Sony and Nintendo a HUGE edge in the market over the next few years. If companies want to force major changes on the market they really need to commit to the changes, and in an oligarchical market like that of home video game consoles the major players need to be in on the idea together. Without being forced to make a change most consumers won’t do it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, people hate change.

My final concern about some sort of always on functionality is consumer awareness. How exactly do you demonstrate to a consumer before purchasing your hardware that they are going to need an internet connection in order to make use of the device? Personally, I couldn’t count how many USB A to B cables (printer cables) I sell at work to people who didn’t read the fine print on the box “USB cable sold separately” – and something like an always-on internet connection is certainly not an item someone can walk to the corner store to pick up for a few bucks. It’s something that’s going to force somebody to return the console to the store for a refund forcing a lost sale on Microsoft.

If you want my opinion, I don’t think we’re going to see this kind of requirement in the next Xbox. Not unless Microsoft can convince Sony to sign on with them anyway – it would simply bar too many potential consumers from the market. Maybe in the next console generation, whatever it may bring, we will have a large enough portion of our population online that this kind of DRM will make a little more sense, but right now you would be shrinking your consumer base, which is something most people would consider bad for business. Do you agree with me? Disagree? Let me know in the comments, connect with me on Twitter at @CallChrisNow, or send me an e-mail at – I’d love to have a discussion about the topic!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Parental Responsibility

A couple weeks ago I wrote a piece where I threw out my opinions on the “freemium” game model for developers. I then had a Google+ Hangout with the other people involved with FTI, went to bed, woke up, had coffee, and read the news shooting around the blogosphere. Low and behold there’s a new story about someone racking up a giant bill on the very “freemium” games I was praising in that article. Check it out here. This is getting ridiculous, something needs to be done about it…and a lot of the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the parents. I’m not 100% familiar with the in-app-purchase system over on iTunes, but I know on Google’s Android system I have a lot of control over how much – or how little – security is required before my credit card it charged. This security is all part of the way Google handles the in-app purchases. Every purchase you make has to go through the Play Store, where it is checked out through Google Wallet. This gives me the same control over in-app purchases that I have over purchasing any other item with Google Wallet  – I can’t imagine the iTunes store integration being any different in that respect.
In most of these stories I read about the parents running to the virtual store demanding a refund. They didn’t mean to spend thousands of dollars. They didn’t know that their kid had access to their credit cards through these app marketplaces. They didn’t understand how these new-fangled marketplaces worked. Feel bad for them, give them their money back, and get the card companies to charge-back the funds for the poor parent who just didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.

Boo. Hoo. Call me an asshole, but I really have no sympathy for the parents. None at all.

All throughout my life adults have been telling me the importance of knowing the consequence of my actions. I was supposed to understand what I was doing, before I did it. Not afterwards. They always spoke about this thing called “personal responsibility”. Know what else? “I didn’t know” was NEVER a good excuse…not once the entire time I was growing up do I remember saying “I didn’t know” and getting off the hook for whatever I did. Not. One. Time.
I know the world of technology is new to a lot of people. I understand that, and I sympathize to that. I also know that there is a plethora of resources designed, not only to help people understand how a lot of the new technology works, but also to help people excel at using it properly, and safely. To parents I give the following advice: seek out this material, use it, learn from it, and understand what you’re doing BEFORE you do it. Take some personal responsibility for yourself because that’s really the only way to protect yourself in ANY circumstance. In the case of the article I linked above the parent is trying to use the fraud protection on his credit card to get reimbursed. Fraud is when someone illicitly gains access to your credit card and uses it without your permission, not for when I hand you hand your credit card to someone and walk away. Guess which scenario we’re talking about here…I’ll give you a hint: it’s not fraud.
I’ll cut off my rant here, but what do you think. Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know either way, I like to know what other people think. Tweet at me @CallChrisNow. E-mail me at Comment here. Reach out to me and let me know what you think, it’s one of the great things about the internet, let your voice be heard.

The Ouya Effect

Some of the biggest news to hit the world of tech and gaming in the past few months has been that of the Ouya. For those of you that don’t already know, Ouya is an Android-based video game console designed for use on TV sets in the living room. The concept behind the idea is to take back the TV from the major players in the game industry (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) and give it back to the people who care about it the most – the gamers themselves. The console is completely open source and ready to be messed with, hacked, and more, right out of the box. Perhaps the biggest splash of all is that the console is going to retail for a measly $99.99, ready to go, with a wireless Bluetooth controller included.
Ouya started collecting money through Kickstarter last year and finally, beginning at the start of April, began shipping out units to Kickstarter project backers. People who preordered the device after the Kickstarter ended will be getting theirs shipped out starting in late April, according to the developers. Finally the console will be going on sale to the general public in the middle of June, including availability at major retail outlets, like Target, Gamestop, and Amazon. All of this sounds pretty great right? That’s exactly what a lot of the geekier kids in the gamer world are thinking. The Ouya store is going to stock apps specifically designed to be used on the Ouya, it’s powered by an overclocked, fan-cooled Tegra-3 out of the nVidia camp, and it comes with onboard HDMI output capability. This is going to be something great…and it could really make some changes to the video game market as we know it now.
I’m not here to tell you about the Ouya though, there’s already plenty of information on the internet about that – check out Ouya’s website, or any tech blog on the planet for more information, – I’m here to talk about the splash that’s just beginning to happen now. The splash that’s just around the bend. Get ready folks, and brace yourselves for impact, because Ouya is starting to hit people’s houses, and the big boys are biting back. Just this morning I woke up and read this article over at Forbes. I’m totally fine with reading negative reviews about a product, that’s fine…but this is just ridiculous. Ouya is being smashed and docked points for things like “not having a great selection” and “having a buggy interface” – things commonly associated with a beta product. Well guess what people, the Ouya hasn’t launched yet. Part of the whole Kickstarter and preorder campaign was that you would receive your order before it went on sale to the general public. The actual launch date for the console is months away in June – cut it a little slack.
The other half of my frustration comes from people who are expecting the Ouya to completely destroy the major consoles. These people need to relax too, it certainly has a chance of being something great, absolutely notable, and definitely something to throw in the history books and hook up to your TV to unwind with some gaming. But don’t expect the impossible. It’s obvious that the games on the Ouya won’t have the graphical prowess of the major consoles – and especially not their next-gen counterparts. Make sure you understand what I’m saying though – that doesn’t mean the games are going to be any less fun – graphics don’t always correlate to how fun a game is…in fact they almost never do.
In the end, I just hope people can relax a little, take a step back, and understand what to expect. If we don’t overhype this thing there’s going to be very little disappointment…and that means less fodder for the cannons of those working hard to see this thing fail. If it’s going to fail, let it fail in its own respect, don’t let major companies take it down without giving it a chance. Keep an open mind, and try things for yourself before you blindly follow the media’s impressions of something. See how it feels for you, because in the end, how you feel about something it all that really matters.
Did you order an Ouya for yourself? Are you thinking about it? Are you interested in it? Do you hate it? Let me know in the comments. I love hearing what other people think about the newest devices on the market. Hit me up on Twitter @CallChrisNowor shoot me an e-mail at – I promise to get back to you.
Image Credit: Courtesy of Ouya.TV; Ouya Press Kit

Friday, April 5, 2013

Future of Social Networks

In this Article I will discuss where I see Social Networks and Smart Phones in the next few years!
With the unveiling of the Facebook phone what's next for other social networks like Twitter?
Will we see a Twitter phone? 

I believe the future for all social networks may be where Facebook is going with the Facebook phone; instead of having apps to download we will be able to update statuses and tweets without opening up anything. 

With the status bar on the home screen you just tap and type, and I believe there will be a phone with a status bar on the home screen...and when you tap on it and get ready to type it will give you the option to Tweet it, post to Facebook, send to Instagram, upload a photo or video etc. 

I believe it will be integrated with the phone and not a download. Simply sign in to your accounts - yes it would be more convenient, but will it be necessary? I believe people who are more social networking nuts like I am will think that kind of phone would be great. On the other hand someone who hardly ever uses more than one network wouldn't see this as the phone for them. 

So what do you think of a completely integrated social networking smartphone? Is it a good Idea?
Where do you see social networks and smartphones in the next 2-3 years? Let me know in the comments below. Or just Tweet me @jasongoyette