I want to help you help me help you … Any sponsorship is a partnership between Us and the sponsors, providing you exposure to potential customers as you help keep us producing content.
Sponsoring can be done directly through the Websites, Blogs, Youtube videos and Podcasts as well as Social Networking. If you sponsor us, you will get the following:
  • :30 or 2:00 Video Ad Spot During a Youtube videos
  • Your Video and Audio Ad Stays In the Recorded Video, and is Not Edited Out
  • I will do name and service drops for you, your product or services during My Videos, Podcasts, on our websites and blogs as well as Social Networking Accounts.
  • You get a link on the website, blogs, facebook, twitter and g-plus page as well as in the descriptions of our videos
  • You will also get Mentions on our Social Networking Accounts.
Starting at $10 per week with a minimum of 4 weeks. So for $40 you get one month of advertising in our Youtube videos, websites, blogs and social networking accounts, with me doing product and name drops to our Followers.
Inquire by sending an e-mail to 

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