Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What is FutureTechIdeas

I am currently in the process of finding that question out, What is FutureTechIdeas ? So I'll tell you what is was and how it came to be.
Why I am not sure? because its GROWING, FutureTechIdeas was a name I came up with to represent me and my videos,pics,profiles,articles etc. Well after a while It started to become known to a small group of Geeks and Tech enthusiast. I figured why not see where I can take this FutureTechIdeas name. It's constantly growing so I don't want to say its a business,organization etc. Because I'm not completely sure on what FutureTechIdeas FTI is Or could be.

Monday, January 28, 2013

I need more Power!!!!

I currently find myself dying, no no that's not what I mean my Battery in my iPhone and iPad dying a lot faster. Which sucks big time because those are my main gadgets, I'm writing this on my IPad mini with 53% battery Juice. My demands for the ipad are becoming more in terms with the battery, it seems every time I update the OS the battery holds less juice and last a shorter period. Now you may not see or realize it but I am a major user and notice small things, and the battery is lasting a lesser time with each update. I hope the next Gen iPad/iPhone battery will have a electrifying affect no pun intended.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cool App of the Day

CAD or Cool App of the Day is 
Nightstand Central Free turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a high quality alarm clock with current weather information and customizable wallpaper. It also supports iOS 4 background alarms. You get many of the great features of Nightstand Central, but for free.

iOS Download NightStand Link >Download App
Rating 3.5 of 5.0

Monday, January 14, 2013

My Apologies!

I recently became sick with a cold and was unable to write articles or record videos. I would like to apologize, it's a lot harder when your the only one doing the articles and videos etc. When things go south, your work stops and the production of content for your Sites etc stop as well, this is why it's a good idea to bring in partners or contributors before getting your hands full by yourself.

So once again I'd like to apologize to everyone for not being able to get articles etc. out for you all.
I plan to be back on schedule either tomorrow or the 16th. Thank you all for your support!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Breaking News: Aaron Swartz Dead

Reddit Co founder Aaron Swartz was found dead at the age of 26, he was also a activist trying to make internet content free to the public. He was found in his Brooklyn apartment, he committed suicide by hanging himself a medical examiner explained. He will be missed by many both in the real world and in the virtual world as well. {EAV:3f02619d359d5dd6}

Are you on KickStarter?

The question is are you on Kickstarter? No, You should be they had a terrific year with $320 million Pledges, So do you have a Project? And don't have the cash to get the Project going, then the Answer is Create a profile on http://kickstarter.com where you will learn the best ways to get funding for your project. And then set up your project for all to see and begin pledging! Good luck and get to work :)

Verizon Was big in 2012

Yes Verizon had a good year they announced 9.8 million smartphone Sales in 2012, I sadly was forced to go with Sprint :( But will soon Switch to a better more covered carrier, here in Maine there is scarce coverage for Sprint. So when my contract is up I shall switch to either Verizon or AT&T. What Carrier do you prefer?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Intel goes big in mobile

They introduced the Intel Atom Z2420 processor for the smartphone markets,
It will bring High Performance Processing. The Intel Atom Processor is around 1.2GHz with intel's Hyper Threading technology, optimized to run Android apps, fast web browsing, High performance video and imaging. Great graphics for casual gamers, now I'm not all to worried about the graphics for gaming on my smartphone, cause I wouldn't use it all that much for gaming, unless that's all I had for mobile gaming.

Free WiFi for all

Wouldn't life be great if you could be connected to WiFi in your neighborhood,town,city or for that matter anywhere you Go! I will jump for joy the day free wifi is everywhere and not just in select business's. Well that day may be sooner for one neighborhood! Google is said to be helping to set up a Free WiFi Blanket in a NYC neighborhood! (Lucky)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Did intel bring it ?

CES brought many big things and intel brought many big things as well, but did they go too big?
Intel brings Bay Trail The Next Gen Tablet Experience New Atom Micro Architecture 22nm Quad Core, they claim to have Great battery life as well as experience! They won't be available until late 2013.

Is Apple Tech coming to Cars?

At CES an unveil was made, The Chevy Spark and also Sonic will Have Siri Integration, Coming later this year. How long will it be before we are able to have a full on Ipad in our dashboard ? Will Apple Become Partners with Chevy and Incorporate More Apple Technologies in the Automotive industry ? You all know how I feel about Tech coming to Vehicles, As I'd say in a Geeky way I'm Down for That!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Look mom It's Magic

Hey Guys I'm glad to see your enjoying the new site and Forum!

Tobii is a What's new Have you ever thought of being able to use your eye movements to control your mouse instead of your hand. Well Welcome to 2013 because its here and its called Tobii. Is This futuristic technology or can we come up with something better? Let's see what 8-11 brings us from the world of CES 2013.

CES : Touchscreens come to Vizio

Thats right Vizio Adds Touch Screens to there lineup of computers that where launched last spring but they didn't have touch support, well they announced today at CES in Las Vegas that they will have Touch Screens. YAAAAYYY! Don't say Yay just Yet because there still is the problem with Track Pad!

CES! LG the Big Boy on the Block

LG unveils OLED,4K,Google TV, Laser Projectors and More at CES 2013!
LG Is gonna be @ the top in 2013, That's all you will see and hear LG Products, I love LG TV's. This year they are stepping it up a Big Notch at CES.

Pantech a $50 Galaxy S III ?

Thats right AT&T Pantech may have announced a $50 Galaxy S III, It's The Pantech Discover. It is similar to the Galaxy S III in more then one way, The display is the same a 4.8- inch, 720p screen it also has a 12.6 Megapixel Camera and 1080p Video, built in NFC, support for AT&T 4G LTE network. And yes its powered with the 1.5GHz dual-core processor and yes again a 2100mAh Battery. So My question is The Galaxy S III or The Pantech Discover?

CES Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments Reveals A plan to Bring DLP and OMAP- Powered Into Nex Gen Auto Infotainment and HUD Systems. The Steps into the Future of Car and Tech :) Which Im a big fan of!
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CES 2013

So Pandora or Spotify ? Well Clear Channels iHeart Radio Has offered to come to GM and Chrysler,
Clear Channel announced a Deal to Integrate its services to Chrysler and General Motors. iHeart Radio provides 1500 live radio Stations and over 15 million songs! So will You be iHeart Radioing ? lol Not a Word!

App Store Hits 40 Billion!

Thats right Apple App store Announces 40 Billion Downloads 20 Billion in 2012 and 2 Billion in December alone, so everyone out there saying Apple is not doing so great well if this isn't proof I don't know what is! App store also has 500 million active accounts !

Vizio's First windows 8 Tablet

Just in time for CES 2013 Vizio Launches there First windows 8 Tablet, Its 11.6 inches with AMD- Powered, 1080p slate. Will Vizio Be the Next Big Name In Tablets in 2013 and what is in store for us from Vizio at CES?

Friday, January 4, 2013

What is The best Social Network ?

I believe for me the Social Network that I get Most engagement on is Twitter, I Use it for personal and Business, as a matter of fact I have 4 accounts 2 for specifically promoting mine and others business's, one that is Just my personal one, and  last my business account ( I mostly use of all) So My question to You is what is the  best social Network That Your connected to, whether its for business or personal.
Here is a great way to connect with people > SociaLink


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Apple+HTC=Better Phones? You Decide!

In the latest reports published by HTC themselves it seems that their recent licensing agreement with Apple back in November will allow HTC to make better phones to sell!
The new deal which was done in November allows HTC to view latest Apple technology that no other Android manufacturer can see or use! But this all does come at a cost as HTC must pay a monthly fee to Apple on top of a lump sum of cash to seal the deal which had been raging on for many weeks.
The China President of HTC, Ray Yam states that: “The biggest benefit to us is that we can put more energy into innovation, which is more important than anything else for a technology company." This is good news for HTC as even their top handsets including the likes of the HTC One X+, HTC 8X and 8S are all solid devices but none of them are able to compete with the onslaught of Samsung and Apple devices which dominate the market. The market that used to be full of HTC!
So what does this all mean for consumers in 2013? Well it means that people can now look forward to hopefully better quality handsets from HTC which at the moment are struggling to hold on to what very little market share they have with dwindling profits! So keep your eyes peeled in 2013 because this year could be even bigger than 2012 and hopefully some nice suprises from HTC!
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twitter I want to follow more People!!!!!

Here is where I get Upset I have very good connections on Twitter, But I also want to follow people who Will Probably never follow me back. But I can't follow anymore then 2,001 People Unless I get more Follower, I think that I should be allowed to follow as many people as I want, no matter how small or big my Fan base is. I currently Have 744 Followers on Twitter and I follow 2,001 Now I am getting New followers but I can't follow them back? I know People would just Unfollow all the People that aren't following them, but I don't want to do that for the reason being I want to Follow Not just to see if I get a follow back but so I can engage with who I am following.
Let me Know what You guys Think of this!

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Ahh! Smudged up Screen!!

Got Dirty Fingers? constantly getting smudges all over Your Tablet or Smart phone This is what I use to get rid of those unsightly Smudges. No messy Sprays!

What was the Best Computer of 2012

This Is My best Computer Choice of 2012!

The best Computer of 2012 for me would Have to be the________

The New Thin IMac It was Stunning to see How thin It actually is The screen is Nice and wide Apple Re - engineered it from Inside and Out. The Removal of the Optical Drive aided in its Thinness They brought the Screen completely to the edge Moving the screen extremely close to the Cover Glass, Given it a marvelous Widescreen, also 75% less reflective which is great for Movies.

The IMac offers Quad-core performance, And the New Option for Fusion Drive

The Latest Intel quad-core Processors
Third Generation Intel Core i5  Clock speeds up to 3.2GHz and quad Core Intel i7  up to 3.4GHz

Next Generations Speeds, 60% faster Graphics with The  New Kepler Graphics Architecture NVIDIA GeForce Great for 3D Games.

Super fast Data Transfer Speed with the Thunderbolt I/O Feature Two 10 Gbps Data Channels per port, Twice as Fast as USB 3 and 12 times faster than firewire800.