Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why I Chose PS4 Over The Xbox One!

Big news around the Sony Playstation 4, So what is all the hype about ? Well let me break it down on what was revealed about the PS4 at the E3 show in L.A. As well as a little bit about the Xbox One.

 One of the big things is the Price for the PS4 which is $399 a whole $100 less than the Xbox One. Now why is this important to note ? Well that is because the PS4 offers a lot more than what the Xbox one does, well maybe, the Xbox One offers more than the PS4 does, but it offers something that we don't want. Let me explain.

First off there is some details stating that the Xbox One Console requires a Internet connection in order operate, this is false, However is does need to connect to Microsoft servers every 24 hours. So in a way it would be a pain having to connect to the internet everyday. Another bothersome feature is, say I go to a friends house and play his Xbox one but I am in my profile in order to do this Microsoft requires you to check in every hour, which I have to say is ridiculous. Now if you miss a check in you will only be allowed to watch Tv shows or play DVD's, no gameplay will be allowed until you check in again with home base.

Also to note is that in order to play games you will have to have internet connection throughout the gameplay unless 24 hours is all you  need, which is insane.

That is not the only ridiculous feature they added, one of the most troublesome add in is the inability to sell your games to a friend or even ebay. They set up where you can only sell a game to participating retailer, again ridiculous. You are however able to lend a game to a friend, then again Microsoft

adds another bogus
requirement which is games can be given only once and the person you give it to has to be on your friends list longer than 30 days. I truly think Microsoft is going to bring a lot of heat towards themselves from all gamers.

So that is what Xbox one is doing which is completely and incredible stupid, Now onto the PlayStation 4 whose hardware is mostly the same as the Xbox One. Some specs listed below for the PS4.
  •  An eight -core X86 AMD Jaguar CPU
  • 1084-teraflop AMD Radeon graphics engine (with "18 compute units")
  • 8GB of GDDR5 memory
  • 500GB Hard drive
  • Blu-ray drive
  • 3 USB 3.0 ports
  • 802.11 b/g//n WiFi
  • Ethernet, HDMI Bluetooth 2.1, optical audio and analog AV out

Now I know what your going to say, which is, Wow they copied Xbox One well I can tell you this the hardware may be similar but the Playstation 4 has the Total package minus the Xbox one's restrictions.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WWDC 2013: Mavericks

Well If you don't know by now the WorldWide Developers Conference kicked off today, And as always Apple started off with mentioning its stores. Most notable the new store in Berlin, They also did not hold back on bragging and statistics. First noting the attendees which were from over 66 different countries, and there were 64 % first time attendees at the event in San Francisco, California.

Apple has over 6 million developers in 1.5 million of whom were added since last year of 2012, The conference also sold out in 71 seconds, pretty impressive. Now on to the bragging with stores, Over 1 million people per day visiting Apple stores. Apple has 407 stores around the world and have stores in 14 countries, One of the new stores which is in Berlin a 100 year old building which was one of the first theaters in Berlin. And of course It wouldn't be a WWDC without a video of a apple store grand opening.

And now onto the good stuff the App store which will be celebrating its 5th birthday next month ! A total of 50,000,000,000 apps have been downloaded from the App  store, with 900,000 iOS apps 93% are downloaded each month. There are 375,000 apps for the iPad with all these huge numbers there must be thousands of accounts. Well maybe a little more there are actually 575,000,000 store accounts with most of the accounts using credit cards. Don't worry the developers have got there cut with $10,000,000,000 paid to app developers, 5 billion of which was paid in just the last year. Which is 3 times more than all other platforms combined.