Saturday, February 1, 2014

Google Microchip Tattoos

The past few years we have witnessed many different types of Technologies. From the MP3 player to the iPad, those technologies are nothing….. right? Well how about a microchip tattoo that is capable of storing and sharing information wirelessly?
That’s right!
Google recently announced a Microchip Tattoo that can store and share information wirelessly, now I know what you are thinking, cool right? Well if you’re not worried about becoming like one of those SyFy flicks, then by all means go for it. Let me know how it works out when the Government takes control of your body and mind.

I may be on the edge saying this, but I give it 10-15 years before we start seeing technology being integrated with humans on a large scale. Now yes, it is already happening with injured soldier and other people suffering from disabilities. But what I mean is integrating technology for pleasure or personal advancement. Now I’m sure you guys know I am a technology enthusiast, however when tech is used in the wrong way, thats when I begin to have a problem. And boy I can see something going wrong with Microchip tattoos.
On a recent article that I wrote a few days ago I discuss how Gaming has become more integrated with the players, and how dangerous that can become (Click Here for Article). It shouldn't take an open mind to see how tech being integrated with humans can be dangerous. Imagine sitting at the table eating with your family, the next thing you know you're standing over somebody outside of a business with a knife in your hand.

Totally farfetch’d right well not so much, take a look at what hypnotist can do. And they aren't using technologies to make you do things, just the power of persuasion  and influence. Technology being used for good can do amazing things, but when its used for evil it can destroy worlds.
So the next time you buy a gaming headset for your kid make sure understand the dangers of integration between Man and Machine.

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