Sunday, February 2, 2014

Immersion a Gaming Headset to Take Over Your Mind ?

Have you gone through a few gaming controllers lately, have you had to replace a TV screen, due to the gamer rage? Well don't worry about that TV screen anymore, because now there is a simple headset that can control that gamer rage! Yes that is correct!
Designer Sam Matson has a solution to that gamer rage! Introducing Immersion, which is a headset that monitors your heart rate, and enhances the gamer’s difficulty level the more enraged he or she becomes. 
Is this the beginning of the real Matrix?

The idea of this headset is to help the player control anger rather than let it snowball into a screen smasher. Matson, the designer of this headset created a shooter game on the Unity platform, and he has also added in the ability to interpret a player’s pulse rate.
So how does all that work ?
The data from the headset is relayed via Bluetooth, from the optical pulse sensor, to the game. The idea is to make the player feel like “all hope is lost”, which will make  it harder for the player to advance, thus making him even more angry.
Some gamer’s believe that this is a bad idea, and rightfully so! most gamer’s become angry with a game because of the inability to proceed to the next level. So in my opinion, this headset is the worst idea I've ever heard to minimizing gamer rage, and saving that TV screen.
In the past few years, gaming has become more integrated with the player, for me this can be a good and bad thing. If there is too much integration, you have to worry about privacy, too little and you lose that first big impression.
Immersion is not available commercially, but will it soon be?
So what will it be, Red or Blue pill?

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