Monday, February 11, 2013

Which OS ?

Hey guys I have decided to Build a Computer For all round use, Meaning Gaming,Websurfing,videos,Pics,Documents and articles etc. This Computer will be used as my main computer, Now as many of you know I have No experience with Windows 7 or Windows 8, I just recently discovered Mac OS but only Tiger and not Leopard so I am a fan Of Both Windows and Mac OS.  I have decided to get Windows 7 to just experiment with and become comfortable with it, I mean after all I'm a geek, and I like messing with a OS I haven't used yet even if there is a Windows 8 out. Now I wanted to know what your thoughts are on Skipping Windows 7 completly and going Straight to windows 8, now remember I'm coming straight from Windows XP experience. How big is the change from Windows 7 to 8 and is it worth it in the long run to just go with windows 7 ?

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