Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Are You Getting Free Wifi?

Is Getting Free Wifi Safe? And is it Legal?
Is it Completely Safe? Well No You are giving Your IP Address etc. to a Network that is open for anyone to connect to. So its a risk You will have to take. 

I have used a open Wifi network before and I admit I never had problems with using someone else's wifi, but then again I know what to watch out for.
Is it Legal to Use someone's Wifi?
Meaning off of another Persons Wifi Network Like Your neighbors. Well I know that using someone else's Wifi is basically stealing, unless like from a business that offers Free Wifi. 

But then again Using someone's open Wifi is there own fault for not securing it when they installed there Router etc. So is it Legal or Illegal when using a neighbors Wifi Connection? 

It is Illegal, Why because its almost like walking into someone's house who's door is unlocked. You may get there permission, but its still never completely legal or safe.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cool App of the Day!

The CAD or Cool App of the Day is....
Plants Vs Zombies!
Available For PC,IOS and Android!

This Game is seriously addicting, now if you know me from my vlogs then you Know I'm not a major gamer, But this App rocks. It's seriously Good Fun! I played it for days and some times 3 hours non stop.

It's mostly a strategy Game, But they made it to be a seriously fun Strategy Game!
I give it a FTI Rating of 9.5 of 10

So what are you waiting for Eh?
Get on with the download already!

PC Download

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Watch FTI Review of the App

Monday, February 25, 2013

iOS 7: Will Jailbreaking be Necessary ?

With the amount of Jailbreaking going on you'd think Apple gets the idea by now, If iOS 7 adds the abilities of customization to the Dock,Notifications center, etc. I believe that less Jailbreaking would be done.

Now I'm not saying that that's the only reason why Jailbreaking is done, but I bet adding some abilities to iOS that Jailbreaking provides will diminish some of the Jailbreaks done. Now I never jail broke before, but when I seen what is added when done it made me want to Jailbreak ASAP.

I bet getting some new customization abilities for the iPhone added to iOS 7 would be the best thing for iOS, I believe that's why Android is the goto phone for Developers and Geeks, it's because your not completely cutoff from customization abilities like iOS is. I honestly hope that's where the next big upgrade for iOS is targeting.

What do you think, Is that why you jailbreak? Would you still Jailbreak if iOS 7 adds customization abilities?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Facebook hacked? Shhhhh!!

Ok so I heard that Facebook was hacked and they tried to keep it quiet, which brings me to my this question. How vulnerable is Facebook? The answer is yes it's vulnerable to be easily hacked if your password is red123.

Now guys it doesn't take a genius to figure that if its easy for you to remember a password then it is easy for the Hackers to figure it out, and trust me there good at what they do. So the best way to protect your info is a very random extensive passwords, and also a two step verification process.

So next time you think of red123 as a password or something simple, think of what that password is protecting and what that info can be used for by a Hacker.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Are we utilizing the Internet?

In 40 years we managed to bring people together in a whole new way, by bringing the computer and Internet to every home. It's truly amazing when you sit and think how remarkable the Internet is, but it wouldn't be much without a computer. Being able to sit at home and  have the whole world at your fingertips, the knowledge of just about anything and everything you can get for free, it truly is amazing.
But I wonder why aren't we all utilizing this, I mean I can sit and watch a video on how to solve math equations or find out more about the history of America just by clicking and typing. I honestly am happy to be a citizen of this planet, but I find it ignorant that we don't utilize our inventions to there full capabilities.

I believe in 5 years most of our learning will be on a computer and less classes in a actual classroom, I mean today some college classes are done online with a video etc. I ask you do you think that teaching children via a computer is better then in a classroom? Where the student has to worry about being cool,bullied or scared to ask the teacher to repeat a question or explain in greater detail.

Having a video for the student to just rewind it if they missed a part I think is a better way, also look at the safety nowadays at schools, wouldn't you rather have your child safe at home learning off a computer where they can stop,pause and rewind.

 And also if the student needs help he/she could either email the teacher or another student could help. I think it would also help save our governments loads of money. I mean most of our family homes have at least on computer if not more, and those without would be provided with access to one etc.

This is just an idea I had nothing I said is what I want to happen, I'm just throwing ideas at you to ponder over.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cool App of the Day

Cool App of the Day is Twitch
Twitch is the world’s largest video platform and community for gamers. More than 20 million gamers gather every month on Twitch to broadcast, watch and chat about gaming. Twitch’s video platform is the backbone of both live and on-demand distribution for leading video game broadcasters including casual gamers, pro players, tournaments, leagues, developers and gaming media organizations. Twitch is leading a revolution in the gaming community, working to create a participatory experience that transcends gameplay.

Download for Android Rating 3.5 of 5.0

Download from itunes for iOS Rating 3.0 of 5.0

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Make Your Idea An App Store App!

Ever wonder Is my idea a good one? Is it good enough for the App stores? How do I get started on Getting my App in the Store for everyone to enjoy? Well this Ebook "Make Your Idea An App Store App" By Michael Austin Jacobs, Provides you with everything you need to know on how to become a Success.

In this Ebook Michael Describes 8 secrets on How he became a huge success in the App Store with his SocialinkApp! Available now in the App Store of course, In the Ebook he describes his journey to India looking for App developers. He also describes how Important it is to find the right developers and become comfortable with them, and how he worked out constant communication from the States to India with his Developers. 

He lists many ways to begin your journey in becoming successful in creating a great App like the one he has created. Make sure to check out his Ebook Available Now and also download the SociaLink App, If your interested in creating your own App then I suggest reading this Ebook first in will give valuable information on how to make it a success. 

Get the Full Ebook here

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Is The TV Slowly Becoming Obsolete?

With the rise of services like YouTube, Netflix, and in general, the internet, do we really need the TV anymore? You can get your news online, and chances are you can get that news long before you'll ever see it on TV, unless your watching a twenty-four news network like CNN, but then you'd have to sit though a bunch of other stories before they got to the one that really mattered to you. The weather? Online as well, and much quicker. Your favourite TV shows and movies? Yeah, those are online as well, with services such as Netflix, and you can even rent them though services such as iTunes as well, that is if you have an iOS device.

Everything we really watch on TV is online, and some of that content is better online anyways. On YouTube, you get to watch the content you want to watch with a minimal amount of advertisements. YouTube is free, unlike cable. Sure, you may have to pay for the internet service, but in the end, its probably cheaper to pay for the internet alone, than it would cost if you were paying for both the internet and TV. Online, you really get to choose what you want to watch. You still have that option on TV, but its much more limited than it would be online. Think about it, on your TV, you have on demand services that let you watch movies and TV shows, but there really isn't that much content there when compared to services like YouTube, and Netflix.

Lets take a closer look at YouTube for a minute. As was said in the above paragraph, YouTube allows you to watch whatever you want, whenever you want. Sure, there are advertisements, but there are much less on YouTube than there are on TV. Think about it, when you're watching some TV show that you're really into, and something suspenseful is going on, what happens? They go for a commercial break. That has to be the most annoying thing that can happen when you're really into a show. On the other hand, YouTube has advertisements as well, but you usually see them at the beginning of a video, and very rarely do you see them in between. And yes, there are ways around these ads as well, although most YouTubers wouldn't recommend them for obvious reasons. YouTube is there, anytime of the day or night, any day of the year. Every video at your fingertips. Your bound to find something you like, while on TV if you do find something you like, you have to wait for it to come on at, lets say, eight. While on YouTube, if you find something you like, you can watch it right then and there, or whenever you have the time to. And, sure you can record TV shows with a PVR, but for the purpose of this article, thats slightly less relevant.

Netflix is a slightly different service, which allows you to watch your favourite TV shows and movies for about eight bucks a month. Although this can differ depending on the situation, its still cheaper than what your cable may end up costing you at the end of the month. Netflix also has a wider range of content, from older movies and TV shows, to the newest ones. Netflix is available anywhere as well, unlike your TV which is most likely tied down to where ever you put it. You can't carry around a TV with you (well, you could...) But, some TV providers (at least here in Canada, although its very likely that this has been done in the United States as well) have created mobile apps which actually let you watch TV programs on your smartphones. Bell ran quite a few TV ads about this trying to get the word out about this. 

Of course, YouTube and Netflix aren't the only services out there that are helping replace the TV. The internet in general is really helping reshape how people get information. No longer do people need to tune in for the six o'clock news to see what happened in the world. A simple trip to Google News can suffice. Chances are its more up to date anyways, and you'll probably get it there first. Another way thats probably even faster than Google News, is Twitter. When ever something happens in the world, someone tweets about it. If it gets retweeted, its bound to get retweeted again. See how that chain could work? Having thousands of people tweeting about the same thing gives you a different perspective on the same thing, while that news report may have a few short interviews of those affected by something major, Twitter allows you to hear people uncensored. You can't say everything thats on your mind on TV, and although you probably shouldn't do the same on Twitter, people do.

The internet is replacing news on TV, and you really have to wonder how twenty-four hour news networks such as CNN, HLN, and so on are doing. If the web can get you all of this info, why watch something like that? CNN is a good channel for news, but a company like that has to adapt to the web for them to survive in this changing world. Everything you may have once needed your TV for is now online. So, do you really need your TV, or cable subscription? If you want the big screen for all of these YouTube videos, then maybe keep the TV itself. But if you aren't liking what your getting with your cable subscription, what are you really doing wasting away your money at the end of the month?

If you like what you're getting, then keep your cable subscription. Don't get rid of it if your getting what you want. Do whats right for you.

Nothing can really last forever. The TV was invented in 1926, although it didn't start catching on until the 1940's. The colour TV was invented in 1928, although its inventor, John Logie Baird who worked alongside Philo Farnsworth never got to see how the colour TV would really take off. Farnsworth on the other hand got to see the beginning of it, although he passed away in 1971. Baird died in 1946, and never really got to see much of the colour TV in the consumer world since they were first sold by RCA in 1954. The only problem with this was, like with any new technology today, is they were too expensive, most of them starting at $1000 dollars, and in the mid 50's, that was an extreme amount of money. By 1972 colour TV sales began to exceed the black and white TV's of the time. The television changed the world. The internet is changing the world right now. This is the internet age.

What do you think? Is the TV slowly becoming obsolete?

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Article provided by Cole Kruper 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Which OS ?

Hey guys I have decided to Build a Computer For all round use, Meaning Gaming,Websurfing,videos,Pics,Documents and articles etc. This Computer will be used as my main computer, Now as many of you know I have No experience with Windows 7 or Windows 8, I just recently discovered Mac OS but only Tiger and not Leopard so I am a fan Of Both Windows and Mac OS.  I have decided to get Windows 7 to just experiment with and become comfortable with it, I mean after all I'm a geek, and I like messing with a OS I haven't used yet even if there is a Windows 8 out. Now I wanted to know what your thoughts are on Skipping Windows 7 completly and going Straight to windows 8, now remember I'm coming straight from Windows XP experience. How big is the change from Windows 7 to 8 and is it worth it in the long run to just go with windows 7 ?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is The Motorola Xoom still Good?

If you've been following my work, you probably know I have an iPad 4 and Motorola Xoom. Although the Xoom is pushing its second birthday, and in terms of tablets, its getting to be old, the question is it still any good? This really depends on a few factors, and later on in this article, I'll explain how you can upgrade your Xoom to the latest version of Android, even though Google stopped updating the Xoom at 4.1.1.
When the Motorola Xoom was released, it came with Android Honeycomb 3.0, and it was pretty amazing in my opinion. It was the first Honeycomb tablet, and although the OS did seem to be a little rushed, you could tell the hardware of the Motorola Xoom was well thought out, in fact I'm actually doing something right now while I'm writing this article that I haven't done in quite some time; I'm writing this article on my Xoom. The rear facing camera of the Xoom was pretty decent, and on paper, it had a comparable front facing camera to the iPad 2. It had 1 GB of RAM, along with a dual core Tegra 2 1GHz processor, which Motorola made sure you knew about every time you booted your device. It had, and still does have pretty decent specs for a tablet. Sure, it may not have a quad core processor, but when you think about it, do you really need a processor that powerful? Developers just need to design software that isn't as hard on resources, and everything would be good.
Another feature of the Motorola Xoom seems to be a little less known for some reason, but its still pretty big. Heres a hint: Every Nexus device has it. The Motorola Xoom has a pure Android experience. No useless skins. Its Android as Google intended it to be. The Motorola Xoom is very much like a predecessor to the Nexus 10, which also has a dual core processor. The Motorola Xoom in many ways was ahead of its time. This tablet is two years old, yet the specs of it are still pretty decent. That should say something. When I picked the Motorola Xoom, I also looked at Samsung's line of Galaxy Tab's. They were nice, but the biggest reason I didn't get one is because it felt as if it was cheaply made, and would break easily. The skin that was atop Android wasn't what I was looking for either. I'm not saying it was ugly, but it just wasn't for me. I'm happy that I picked the Xoom almost two years ago. It still works great two years later, and I still have that pure Android experience. Today, I also have an iPad 4, but I'm now using both, and they're both starting to replace my main PC, as my PC is just becoming less and less unnecessary.
I've also heard people say that the Xoom is heavy, and the iPad is light, but in actuality, the Xoom weighs 1.6 pounds while the iPad weighs 1.4 pounds. Not much of a difference in my opinion.
Sadly, Google has stopped releasing updates for the Xoom, which was expected, but was still unfortunate, considering the Xoom can easily support Android 4.2. Since I couldn't just update to 4.2 from 4.1.1, I decided to try something a little different. I installed CyanogenMod 10.1, which is a custom Android ROM. Its just a custom version of Android 4.2. When I finally installed this, I noticed significant performance gains over Android 4.1.1, which was an improvement over Android 4.0, but Android 4.2 really was a buttery experience. Much of the Android lag that I had complained about before in the past was long since gone. Although it wasn't entirely gone, and was still there in a few

places, much of it was resolved. The Motorola Xoom supports Android 4.2 perfectly. I have the 32GB version with a 16GB MicroSD card, so space has never been an issue for me on it. The only real reason that I think Google had to quit supporting the Xoom was the Nexus 10. As a business move, it made perfect sense for Google to cut the Xoom, but it wasn't something that had to be done. The Xoom still supports it, and as long as developers keep making custom ROM's for it, it will never become a legacy device or anything like that, at least for the foreseeable future.
The Xoom also had a few accessories made for it from Motorola. Much like the tablet, the Bluetooth keyboard and dock were of good quality, and the keyboard is actually compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth keyboards.
To conclude all of this, I think the Motorola Xoom is "still good." The Xoom was ahead of its time, therefore its specs are still pretty decent even in today's world of 2013. I don't see the Xoom falling behind in updates as long as developers keep developing custom ROM's for the Xoom. If your a developer, I thank you. The dev never seems to get the recognition they deserve, so here you go. If your Xoom is still on 4.1.1 or lower, you should definitely look into CyanogenMod 10.1. Trust me, you won't regret it. If you don't how to install a custom ROM, just do a google search for a few how to's. There's thousands, no need for me to add to that list here.
Have you ever used the Motorola Xoom? If so, what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments.
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

What is Next For IOS

Well we all know what Apple has brought to the Smartphone but what else can they Bring? Well I personally would love to see more customization being able to customize that boring old screen, with the Dock and Apps folders. I want to be able to change things up and not only the wallpaper, I would also enjoy being able to customize the Notifications center as well without having to Jailbreak, not to say that I won't ever jailbreak but I believe IOS needs a major update, I mean how long has it been since we had the same Look for the Apps folders and Doc etc.? I want something new and I thought that's what apple was good at doing, bringing something new whether it be a OS or a Device.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Where's my Calculator ?

TI or Texas Instrument Graphics Calculator ,I had one did You? Back when I was in middle school if you had a Graphics Calculator then you were the cool person in Math class. But That may be over Now, The TI Graphics Calculator has come to the App Store! So my thoughts are how long will it be before you are no longer using a Calculator and Are using your phone or tablet for making calculations? And will a Graphics Calculator become more for Business and less for consumers now that there is a app? I believe that the Graphics calculator app will be used more in college or for everyday people! The good old TI Graphics calculator will be used more in business, or collecting dust on a shelf.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What Gadget do You use Everyday?

What gadget do I use the most everyday? The answer to this question will vary from person to person depending on their needs. Do they do video editing? Then they probably use their desktop computer the most. Just casual browsing the web, social networking, email, YouTube videos, and so on? Then they probably use their tablet the most, assuming they have one. In my case, I use my iPad, iPhone, and desktop the most.
So, why do I use my iPad more than any other device? The reason for this is, the iPad is quite powerful, and can actually do most of what I need to do on a computer (yes, an iPad is a computer) and its fast. I don’t have to worry about things like Windows Update nagging me to restart my computer every five minutes, or bad performance, programs not running the way they should. The iPad “just works,” and yes I know we’ve all heard that a time or two before.
If you’ve followed my work in the past, then you know that I’m a blogger, a YouTuber and a tech guru. The iPad allows me to easily write and publish blog posts. Although typing on glass gets to be quite painful after a while, but I’ve remedied this issue. I have a wireless bluetooth keyboard that was originally for my Motorola Xoom, and after looking back at the instructions, I figured out how to connect it to other devices other than my Motorola Xoom. The only issue with this is you lose some of the keyboard functionality, which really isn’t that big of an issue since it still works well.
As I mentioned, I make YouTube videos. Since I really don’t have much of a camera to record videos with, I decided to start using my iPad 4. Originally I was using a Canon Powershot A3200 for my videos, which was okay at best, but the reason I decided to start using my iPad is it allowed me to see myself while I was recording videos, which helped a lot. I was no longer blindly recording videos. I could see if something was wrong, like the camera being out of focus, and issues in my background. I also edit my videos with iMovie on my iPad. Although using my PC for this is nice, its also a big time waster. I would spend way too long editing and encoding videos to upload them to YouTube. I either needed to find a faster way to record and edit videos, or I would have to do them less. I found a more efficient way. Although iMovie may seem very simple, its good enough for what I’m doing. Its easier, faster, and works well. That’s good enough for me.
The fact that my iPad is always there, and always on is also another plus. With my iPad, I don’t have to deal with insanely long boot up times, and even when I do have to reboot my iPad, that doesn’t actually take that long. But with Windows, I’ve found the boot up process to take just a little longer than I would like it to. Windows 7 took two minutes to boot on my computer, and although I’ve upgraded to Windows 8, and this issue has been fixed, its still not something I like dealing with on PC’s.
The amazing amount of apps on the App Store also makes using my iPad very enticing. A lot of the apps out there make work much easier in my opinion. Since they make work easier, they also save time, which allows me to do other things.
My iPhone on the other hand gets used often because of it’s convenience. Its always with me, so I can quickly check emails, social networks, and so on. To stay up to date with the online world. It’s also used as a communications device (hence the name “iPhone.”)
And lastly, I use my PC a fair bit as well, when I need to do more complex tasks that would either be a pain to do on the iPad, or can’t be done on the iPad. Ubuntu is slowly starting to change my opinion on the PC, but no matter what OS I may be using on my PC, the iPad is most likely going to win over the PC for a very long time to come, at least in my case.
What device do you use the most?
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Article Provided by Cole kruper!